What is contract schema?

In the current world of smart contracts it is quite common to have smart contract creators (companies issuing assets, DAOs, teams of DeFi engineers) being required to organize - or perform by themselves - development of the code of the smart contact.

This is a bad practice, which leads to higher contract code vulnerabilities and multiple hacks. Contract issuers must not be necessary an expirienced developers, and issuing each contract must not require hirihg and auditing results of an oursourcing company wrinting smart contract de novo. Instead, the roles of constract programmers and contract issuers must be separated.

RGB takes exactly this approach, introducing the concept of a contract Schema. Contract schema is the actual code of the smart contract, which can be used as a "contract template" by the issuers without requiring them going into coding or auditing the tailored code written for them by some random outsourcer.

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