RGB vs alternatives

RGB compared to Liquid Confidential Assets:

  • Works with Lightning Network

  • Replaces Large Borromean signatures range proofs with modern Bulletproofs

  • No blockchain space consumption!

  • Universal smart contract system

  • Works on Bitcoin mainnet, does not require federation

RGB compared to OMNI/Colored coins/Counterparty

  • No blockchain consumption

  • Much higher privacy

  • Works with LN without its modifications

RGB compared to Ethereum/EOS/other "corporate blockchains"

  • RGB is NOT a blockchain!

  • Works on and with Bitcoin: 
the only censorship-resistant unconfiscatable hard money

Omni BOLT compared to RGB LN

  • Breaking BOLT message compatibility

  • Breaking BOLT tx structure compatibility

  • No backports from LND

  • No TLV extensions

  • Requires separate nodes for OMNI Bolt and Bitcoin LN

  • Requires Omni Core backend, can't work with just Bitcoin Core

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